David Williams
Awesome time. Great learning experience
David Williams
Jordy King
very informative, very interesting and very valuable information
Jordy King
Adam Burke
Lovely trainer 😊
Adam Burke
Ali Anderson
Zenith HR and Judy Barker have literally transformed the HR, IR and WHS face of our business in the last four months. I have never worked with such a professional consultancy. Judy and her team have assisted us in embedding a new HRIS, a full suite of policies, procedures and position descriptions, full award review and upgraded our contracts and payroll processes. I would not hesitate to recommend Zenith and Judy as the literal zenith of the HR profession!
Ali Anderson
Monica Veljanovski
We recently held a DiSC Management Workshop, the first of if it’s kind in our workplace and a first for many participants. Judy was a fantastic facilitator and every one really enjoyed the day and took something from it. Definitely looking forward to more opportunities with Zenith in the Leadership Development space.
Monica Veljanovski
Amma White
Fantastic workshop. Was very interesting and informative. Would highly recommend for all businesses to work on company relationships and bettering your company culture.
Amma White

10 Workplace Articles And Podcasts To Check Out This Month!

Whether you’re looking for ways to develop your emotional intelligence, advice on how to be a better leader or even resilience tips and tricks there’s something here for you. Check out the list below:

People Who Use These 3 Beautiful Words Have Very High Emotional Intelligence on Inc.com

This article discusses three very important words: empathy, sympathy and pity, and how important it is to use these words at the right times. ‘These differences matter precisely because people often use the words interchangeably and reflexively–and thus, incorrectly.’

How Quality-Driven Cultures Deliver Adaptability, Resiliency And Empathy Through Global Crises on Forbes

‘…organizations are increasingly recognizing the value of a committed quality-driven culture to carry them through the ups and downs of a fast-changing economy.’ Check out this article about how quality-driven cultures help build resilience and empathy and help teams through challenging times.

How to Cultivate Higher Emotional Intelligence in Your Employees on Entrepreneur.com

‘With higher emotional intelligence as a leader, you’ll be able to exercise more patience. You’ll have an intuitive understanding of what other people are thinking and feeling. You’ll practice more compassion and earn more trust from your team. You’ll even be able to keep your own emotions in check, making more logical decisions and staying calm and stress-free under pressure.’

Return To Office: Getting It Right, Not Being Right on Forbes

‘As organizations built brand new virtual work experiences, the best were committed to listening, understanding what employees needed, and taking quick action –– rather than launching a perfect plan on Day 1. They were committed to getting it right, not just being right.’

EI at Work Podcast

The latest episode of EI at work is here! Can a leopard change its spots? The bad behaviour of leaders has come into the spotlight over the last year and many commentators have called out a clear deficit of Emotional Intelligence in positions of power. Whether you are an aspiring leader who behaves like John McEnroe in the office or a HR leader trying to tame the CEO, this podcast will help you understand how an established leader with deeply entrenched negative behaviours can genuinely develop emotional intelligence.

How remote work revived my ‘spark’ on FastCompany

Today’s offices don’t always make it easy to be creative. Open plan rooms and glass door offices mean that when you’re having one of those days when your new ideas aren’t taking off, everyone is peering in at you. Check out this article with tips on how to prevent the office from killing your creativity.

Building The Foundation For Mental Wellness In The Workplace on Forbes

‘…employees are exhausted and struggling, and the world is in the midst of a mental health crisis. Responsible leaders need to take steps to remove the stigma that is often associated with mental health and ensure the well-being of their employees.’

The Workplace Wellbeing Podcast

The Workplace Wellbeing podcast discusses all aspects of employee wellbeing, whether that is financial, mental health or just making work fun. ‘Workplace Wellbeing is often cited as the number 1 growth area in HR and management, and it is attracting growing interest from employers and entrepreneurs alike. Many of them are social entrepreneurs but some of them are riding the wave in an attempt to take advantage of the increasing interest in this area; we aim to help you navigate the world of Workplace wellbeing.’

Why workers are calling BS on leaders about returning to the office on FastCompany

The return to the office is just around the corner for many of us, yet very few employers have actually told their team what the strategy is for returning to work. ‘Our recent research found that this failure to communicate clearly is hurting morale, culture, and retention.’

Three Things To Focus On When Stepping Into A Leadership Role on Forbes

‘New leaders inherently have several feats to tackle beyond the normal day-to-day — not only navigating multiple learning curves, but also working to gain trust with team members. Where should a new leader focus attention first?’ If you’re stepping into a new leadership role, check out this article with ideas on where to get started.

If you’re looking for more in-depth support in leadership or resilience trainings, learn more about our customised training programs.


Article originally published on genosinternational.com

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