Standalone Leadership Workshops

Understanding your HR Responsibilities

In this insightful workshop participants learn about their HR responsibilities as a leader with a particular focus on workplace policies, their purpose and how and when to use them. This workshop ensures you have capable leaders who can manage their direct reports within the bounds of your workplace policies and fortifies your organisations values and expectations. 

Policy Education

Orientating all employees into the company policies and procedures is essential to smooth operations. This workshop reviews and educates all staff on your policies and procedures and ensures all staff sign off as part of their ongoing training and your overall company policy management.

Supervisor Training

Supervising could be considered the first rung on the leadership ladder. Everyone has to start somewhere but it certainly makes for a smoother transition if support is provided. This workshop teaches your supervisors how to manage their employees using company policies and position descriptions to get the most out of each employee and ensure company values and behaviours are upheld.

Performance Management

This workshop is all about understanding the basics around performance management. It will demonstrate how to run the process within Fair Work Australia’s guidelines and ensure greater accountability and easier ways to manage the performance of your team.

One-on-one Coaching

For businesses looking for a more personalised approach. Our one-on-one tailored solutions reflect the unique needs of your business. You’ll benefit from a dedicated leader who will take the time to understand your specific workplace challenges, goals, and culture and customise a bespoke solution addressing your specific issues.