Emotional Intelligence Leadership

According to the World Economic Forum, Emotional Intelligence (EI) is in the top 10 most required job skills for now and the future. Zenith HR have proudly partnered with Genos International to provide excellent assessment and development of emotional intelligence in the workplace – helping people and people leaders enhance how they connect, communicate, and collaborate with others. Our leadership development program (Evolve) will help to develop a high-performance work culture and can be tailored to your workplace.

Evolve Program

This is a development opportunity like no other. Run over six highly interactive and impactful sessions, leaders will develop their Emotional Intelligence and learn to use EI to enhance their leadership skills, personal relationships and wellbeing, ultimately improving how they connect, communicate and collaborate others. 

The Science of Wellbeing

Our emotions are running in overdrive these days so it’s incredibly important to keep you and your employee’s wellbeing in check. The science of wellbeing shows us that we can improve wellbeing by doing things that are good for us in the mental, physical, social and environmental components of wellbeing.

Run over 4 x 90-minute online sessions, participants explore these components and learn to reduce stress, improve physical vitality and better connect with others, ultimately resulting in fewer stress-related leave days, reduced absenteeism and greater employee engagement and productivity. A win for all.

Grow Program

Genos Grow is a ground-breaking learning platform at the forefront of emotional intelligence development. It offers tailored, on-demand learning, personalised insights, and interactive development tools, making it a unique resource for helping individuals enhance their well-being and relationships.

This innovative approach empowers both individual employees and entire organisations to develop emotional intelligence anywhere and anytime, with mobile access to expert coaching and facilitation support.

By leveraging Genos Grow, organisations can foster a culture of effective communication and collaboration, ultimately creating a productive and psychologically safe workplace.

Leading Remotely

Recent events have resulted in some big changes to the way we work and the way our employees WANT to work. For some it has been a huge learning curve and many of us are still adapting to the new ways we need to operate and manage teams in the online world. 

In this bite size, 1 hour workshop, participants will examine the challenges of leading a remote team and explore a range of tips, tools and techniques to overcome these challenges. They will follow a guided discussion about emotions, behaviours, decisions and performance in the online workplace, learn about the SCARF model and complete a self-assessment.